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China Philately Vol. II The Chinese Empire

Dowager Empress 1894

Red-band cover from Peking to Tientsin

DOMESTIC MAIL Peking to Tientsin
Description: 1896 July 17, red-band cover from Peking to Tientsin, franked on the reverse with a single 3ca, tied by PEKING seal cancellation, Customs Peking c.d.s. of despatch, framed chop of the 'Po-ssu-ta', and Tientsin arrival of July 18, all the postal markings in blue /
Note: Single domestic rate of 3 candarins.
Canc.: blue PEKING chop, circular "IG OF CUSTOMS JUL 17 96 PEKING", boxed Peking (Bo Si Da) and "CUSTOMS JUL 18 96 TIENTSIN"
Condition: Some staining.
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1999
Minimum bid: HK$ 25,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 32,200.00

Registered envelope from Shanghai to Peking

DOMESTIC MAIL Shanghai to Peking
Description: 1895 Dec 19, registered envelope from Shanghai to Peking, franked on the obverse with 6ca and 9ca, tied by SHANGHAI seal cancellations in blue, large circular handstruck 'CHINA/R/SHANGHAI' in red, Customs Shanghai c.d.s. of despatch on the reverse and Peking arrival Jan 3 /
Note: Triple domestic registered rate of 15 candarins.
Canc.: blue SHANGHAI chops and red "CHINA R SHANGHAI", (back: blue "CUSTOMS SHANGHAI DEC 19 1895" and "IG OF CUSTOMS PEKING JAN 3 96")
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1998
Minimum bid: HK$ 30,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 29,900.00