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China Philately Vol. II The Chinese Empire

New Currency surcharges 1897

OVERSEAS MAIL C.P.O. Foochow - B.P.O. Hong Kong to Canada
Description: 1897 May 13, printed registered envelope from Foochow to New-Scotland, franked on the obverse with single and pair small surcharge 3mm '10c on 12ca' brown-orange, tied by CUSTOMS FOOCHOW c.d.s. of despatch, handstruck 'R' alongside, both in brown, carried directly to Hong Kong and franked with 10c vertical strip of 3, tied by Hong Kong May 16 c.d.s. of despatch; numerous Canadian backstamps, re-addressed on arrival /
Note: Double registered rate to Canada via the British Post Office in Hong Kong (30 cents). Fully prepaid 30 cents in Foochow. From the collection of Christopher D'Almada.
Canc.: black Chinese "R", "CUSTOMS MAY 13 97 FOOCHOW" and British "HONG KONG A MY 16 97"
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1998
Minimum bid: HK$ 40,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 115,000.00

OVERSEAS MAIL C.P.O. Chungking - B.P.O. Shanghai to Canada
Description: 1899 Jan 17, Imperial Chinese Post 1c postal card from Tsin-Chow to Canada, up-rated with large surcharge on 3rd print, 1 1/2mm '1c on 1ca' salmon (3), carried to Chungking, CHUNGKING dollar chop cancellation of Feb 13, carried to Shanghai, dollar chop arrival of Feb 25; passed to the British Post Office, franked with Hong Kong 2c vertical pair, tied by c.d.s. of despatch, Kobe, Yokohama, San Francisco and Detroit transit marks /
Note: Single postcard rate to Canada via the British Post Office in Shanghai (4 cents). Fully prepaid 4 cents in Chungking.
Canc.: black dollar chop "CHUNGKING 13 FEB 99", dollar chop "SHANGHAI 25 FEB 99" and British "SHANGHAI C FE 25 99"
Condition: Upper left corner of the card detached.
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1999
Minimum bid: HK$ 15,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 21,850.00