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China Philately Vol. II The Chinese Empire

Chinese Imperial Post

DOMESTIC MAIL Tungchow to Tientsin
Description: 1903, registered red-band cover to Tientsin, franked on reverse with 1c ochre, vertical strip of six, tied by 'IMPERIAL POST OFFICE TUNGCHOW' oval datestamp with tombstone handstamp in blue, arrival mark of Nov 27 /
Auction: Corinphila Asia Limited / Hong Kong 2000
Minimum bid: HK$ 2,500.00
Hammer price: HK$ 6,900.00

Description: 1905, native red-band cover franked with 1c gutter pair, tied by oval "IMPERIAL POST OFFICE TUNGCHOW", various chops and other markings /
Auction: Cherrystone USA 2000
Minimum bid: US$ 700.00
Hammer price: US$ 700.00

DOMESTIC MAIL Weihsien to Tsingtau
Description: 1901, red-band cover from Weihsien to Tsingtau, franked on the reverse with 2c carmine, cancelled by blue tombstone 'WEIHSIEN/POST OFFICE', on reverse oval transit mark 'KIAOCHOW MAY 8 - 1901' /
Auction: 299th Kohler Wiesbaden
Minimum bid: DEM 500.00
Hammer price: DEM 500.00
DOMESTIC MAIL Whampoa to Wuchow
Description: 1899 Nov 16, red-band cover from Whampoa to Wuchow, franked with 2c red, tied by c.d.s. "WHAMPOA 16 NOV 99", showing transit mark of Canton and arrival mark /
Auction: 297th Kohler Wiesbaden
Minimum bid: DEM 250.00
Hammer price: DEM 260.00