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China Philately Vol. II The Chinese Empire

Chungking Local Post

Description: 1896 Jan 16, envelope from Shanghai to the U.S. Consul in Ningpo, re-directed to Chungking, Hankow, and finally Hong Kong showing on reverse "SHANGHAI LOCAL POST" c.d.s. in blue, Customs c.d.s. for Shanghai (red) and Ningpo (Jan 18), oval "U.S. CONSULATE NINGPO, CHINA" d.s. (Jan 18) in violet with Ichang transit d.s. (Feb 4) on reverse and Hong Kong '20c on 30c', tied by "HANKOW" c.d.s., showing eventual arrival c.d.s. adjacent /
Note: Rate to Hong Kong, via British Post Office in Hankow and Shanghai, 20 cents. Cover sent from Shanghai via the Customs and Local Post mail to Ningpo, where it was re-addressed to Chungking (local post stamp added), then via Ichang to Hankow (Hong Kong stamp added) and eventually to Hong Kong via the British Post Offices in Hankow and Shanghai. Very interesting routing illustrating the inter-workings of three different post systems.
Canc.: Black and red Chinese "CUSTOMS JAN 16 96 SHANGHAI"; red Shanghai Local Post "PAID" and lilac oval US "US CONSULATE JAN 18 1896 NINGPO CHINA"; violet rectangular "1 FEB 96 CHUNGKING" and lilac "4 FEB 96 ICHANG"; black British "HANKOW C FE 8 96", "SHANGHAI C FE ? 96" and "HONG KONG A FE 24 96"
Condition: Envelope opened out for display.
Auction: Zurich Asia Limited / Hong Kong 2000
Minimum bid: HK$ 12,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 34,500.00

Description: 1896, envelope from Shanghai to the Editor of the Times in London, franked with 16c mauve (Liv. 6), tied by the large 'CHUNGKING L.P.O. SHANGHAI AGENCY 7 FEB 96' c.d.s. cancellation in violet (Liv. AG1), repeated on the reverse, passed to the French Post Office, franked with French 'Chine' 75c, tied by c.d.s. of despatch, Paris transit postmark, London arrival backstamp of Mar 16 and the 'Times' dated arrival on the obverse /
Note: A rare commercial use of the Local Post adhesive in the Shanghai Agency.
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1999
Minimum bid: HK$ 20,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 43,700.00