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China Philately Vol. II The Chinese Empire

Ichang Local Post

Description: 1895, envelope to Hong Kong, re-directed to Nagasaki (Apr 28), bearing on reverse Ichang 1/2ca orange-brown (2), tied by small "ICHANG POST OFFICE" circular seal in violet and "ICHANG" framed datestamp and on front Hong Kong 10c, tied by "SHANGHAI C" c.d.s. of Apr 16, arrival mark of Apr 19 /
Note: Single rate to Hong Kong, via British Post Office in Shanghai, 10 cents forwarding rate from Ichang to Shanghai, via local post mail, 1 candarin (this letter was re-directed to Nagasaki from Hong Kong).
Condition: Envelope opened out for display and Ichang 1/2ca crossed by filing crease.
Auction: Zurich Asia Limited / Hong Kong 2000
Minimum bid: HK$ 25,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 34,500.00