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China Philately Vol. II The Chinese Empire

Japanese Post Offices

Japanese Post Offices
Description: 1878, envelope from Shanghai to New York, franked with 5s green, cancelled by crossroads cork type and Shanghai 'I.J. POSTAL AGENCY SHANGHAI' double-ringed origin d.s. Adjacent, transit marks Yokohama of March 3 and San Francisco of April 4, New York arrival mark of April 19 /
Condition: Envelope flap torn at back and otherwise very fine.
Auction: 119th Corinphila 1999
Minimum bid: CHF 3,500.00
Hammer price: CHF 6,000.00

Japanese Post Offices
Description: 5s emerald green, cancelled by cross-roads, large double circle 'I.J.POSTAL AGENCY JUNE 7 SHANGHAI' alongside on cover, endorsed 'per St. Tkio Maru' to E. Altolini Esq., Italian Legation, Tokio, showing red 'YOKOHAMA PAID ALL JUNE 15' and on back domestic double circles of Yokohama and Tokyo with same date / JSCA V51 /
Note: Few covers known with Japans earliest 5s foreign rate valid from April to June, 1876 from Shanghai Japanese postal agency to Japan or USA, the very purpose for which this stamp was issued.
Auction: 296th Kohler Wiesbaden 1997
Minimum bid: DEM 4,000.00
Hammer price: DEM 8,400.00